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Save Endangered Whales from Big Oil

The safety of the Western Gray Whale and its feeding grounds are in jeoparty from oil development.

The Western Gray Whale is one of the most endangered whale populations on earth. There are only about 150 and their principal feeding area is located adjacent to the offshore platforms of one the world’s largest integrated oil and gas projects: Sakhalin II in the Russian Sea of Okhotsk.

Sakhalin Energy, which includes among its major shareholders oil giants Shell and Gazprom, is planning to put additional pressure on the surviving Western Gray Whales by installing a mobile offshore platform right next to the whales’ principal feeding area.

Because of our earlier advocacy work, Sakhalin Energy is required to adhere to the recommendations of an independent expert whale panel as a condition of its financing. And the whale panel has urged Sakhalin Energy not to proceed with offshore platforms, including mobile offshore drilling units, until an adequate environmental impact assessment has been completed.

Take Action now and ask the banks providing funding for the project to make good on their promise to protect the critically endangered Western Gray Whale. Urge them to ask Sakhalin Energy to halt all plans for additional offshore platforms until we have indisputable scientific proof that additional offshore platforms will not push the Western Gray Whale further toward extinction.

Brady Dougan

CEO Credit Suisse

David Mathers

CFO Credit Suisse

Lars Machenil

CFO BNP Paribas

Peter Sands

CEO Standard Chartered