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Always and Tampax: Detox the Box!

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Product testing results show that Always pads release chemicals linked to cancer and reproductive and developmental harm. See the full results.

None of these chemicals are listed on the label. We have a right to know.

Outraged? We are too. Especially since these toxic chemicals are coming into contact with some of the most sensitive and absorptive skin on our bodies.

Always shareholders are meeting in Cincinatti TODAY to talk about what's important to the company, and they need to hear from you!

Please take a moment to call Always and tell them to list ingredients so that we have the information we need to protect our health. (Inside tip: calls to companies are incredibly effective in getting a company to pay attention to your concerns—it’s absolutely worth 15 seconds of your time!)

Always Customer Service number: 1 (800) 888-3115

Sample script:

Hello. I just saw test results from Women’s Voices for the Earth that show chemicals linked to cancer, reproductive harm, and allergies in Always pads – and no ingredients are listed on the label. We have a right to know what we’re using on our bodies. Please list all ingredients and remove harmful chemicals.

Send an email below telling Always and Tampax to detox the box: list all ingredients and remove harmful chemicals!

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