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Ask Congress to Protect Women, Children & Workers from Toxic Chemicals

YOU broke the gridlock in Congress. Senators have just introduced a bi-partisan bill to update our broken laws on toxic chemicals. The Chemical Safety Improvement Act (S. 1009) currently has 20 co-sponsors, ten from each party.

That means this may be our chance to finally move a bill through Congress that will help to protect our health from toxic chemicals.

But we need your help to make sure it’s done right.

The bill as drafted doesn’t do nearly enough to protect pregnant women, children, or workers like women who clean for a living – who are more likely to be harmed by exposure to toxic chemicals. It needs to be dramatically strengthened to adequately protect public health – and we need your help!

Please join Women's Voices for the Earth and Seventh Generation in urging the Senate to protect women, children, and workers from toxic chemicals!

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