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Glade: Stop Keeping Toxic Secrets

You know that SC Johnson commercial (makers of Glade) that’s on 24/7 about how they’re committed to “honesty”? (Except they don’t tell you which fragrance chemicals are in products…) We spoofed it.

Watch and then scroll down to take action!

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SC Johnson keeps fragrance ingredients in their products a secret. This is a serious problem, because we know that SC Johnson uses harmful chemicals like synthetic musks, allergens, terpenes, and petroleum in their fragrances. Learn more.

This is unacceptable. We have a right to know what’s in the products we’re using in our homes.

We have the power to convince SC Johnson to be truly transparent. They’ve said it themselves: "As a family company, listening and responding to consumers is SC Johnson's top priority.”

Please take a moment to tell SC Johnson to stop keeping toxic secrets and list all fragrance ingredients.

Our health is precious. We have the right to the information we need to protect it.

Fisk Johnson, Chairman/CEO

SC Johnson & Son, Inc.

Kelly Semrau, VP, Global Corporate Aff

SC Johnson & Son, Inc

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