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Thank SC Johnson for Revealing Fragrance Ingredients!

SC Johnson, makers of Glade, Windex, and Pledge, just announced that it will become the first mainstream consumer product company to list all fragrance ingredients. We’re not just talking about fragrance allergens here. We’re talking about ALL fragrance ingredients.

This. Is. Huge. And we have you to thank for it.

Tens of thousands of you have contacted the company since we began our campaign. Because you raised your voice, they listened. This move to stop keeping fragrance ingredients secret will make waves throughout the cleaning product industry, the personal care product industry, and beyond.

Please take a moment to thank SC Johnson for taking this huge step for our right to know. Companies need to know when they’re doing the right thing. And SC Johnson just stood up for us—big time.

Fisk Johnson, Chairman/CEO

SC Johnson & Son, Inc.

Kelly Semrau, VP, Global Corporate Aff

SC Johnson & Son, Inc

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