Sex-Selective Abortion Bans: Tell Congress Not to be Fooled!

Since 2008, politicians have been trying to trick people who believe in women's equality into supporting anti-choice laws. By acting like they care about us, they're criminalizing doctors and making abortion care less accessible for women. We will not be fooled by these bans on "sex-selective abortion," and we need to make sure our lawmakers aren't either.

Over 60 of these bills have been proposed at the state and federal level since 2009, and we're seeing it rear its ugly head more and more. This year, it was proposed in both the House and Senate. 

This is an insidious, underhanded tactic and we know it. 

Worse, it targets and thus limits reproductive health access for Asian American & Pacific Islander women, who anti-choicers say are the ones guilty of this abortion practice. We know the real solution to ending the preference for sons in some families is getting to the root of the problem: gender inequity. If lawmakers truly want to help us, we call on them to promote equal pay, access to education, health equity, and ending violence against women. 

Join us in telling lawmakers not to be fooled, and to stand up to deceptive sex-selective abortion bans. 

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