One Day to Victory – Tell Bachelet to Cancel HidroAysén!

We have a real chance to save Patagonia from the destructive HidroAysén megadam project – but we must make our voices heard before June 10!

The Committee of Ministers will deliver a final ruling on appeals to the project tomorrow! Then the ultimate authority to cancel the project lies with President Bachelet. This is our chance to finally bury HidroAysén for good!

We’re on the brink of victory – and we can win. President Bachelet stated that the project is “not viable” and should not move forward. Both stakeholders in the project – Colbún and Endesa Chile – know it too and are watching. The pressure is on and together we are making a difference.

Help seal the deal on HidroAysén – send a letter to President Bachelet asking her to cancel the project!