Protect BC’s parks from industrial activity!

On March 24th, Bill 4 (the Park Amendment Act) became law, throwing into jeopardy British Columbia’s entire parks system. 

Under the guise of “research”, the government will now be able to issue permits to companies wanting to build pipelines, logging roads and conduct other industrial activity in parks. The Park Amendment Ac was rushed through, following zero public consultation, and despite the objections of over 60,000 British Columbians.

According to the Park Amendment Act, the Minister of Environment has the authority to issue park use permits for feasibility studies relating to the "location, design, construction, use, maintenance, improvement or deactivation" of roads, pipelines, transmission lines, telecommunications infrastructure, and other projects. This is a clear threat to the integrity of our protected areas system, as it essentially writes a blank cheque to industry to consider opening  up any given protected area for industrial use.

The Park Act no longer prohibits impacts in parks less than 2,023 hectares in size. That’s almost the size of Cypress Bowl Provincial Park, or five times the size of Stanley Park. 

We call upon the BC government to repeal the Park Amendment Act and introduce new legislation that will ensure the integrity of our parks forever.  

Take Action!

Let the BC Government know that you love BC’s parks and want them kept intact. Please send a letter to the Minister of Environment asking the BC government to:

  1. Repeal the Park Amendment Act, which opens the door for industrial activity within parks
  2. Introduce legislation that will respect the designation of parks and protected areas
  3. Maintain the integrity of parks and protected areas, regardless of their size

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