Help make protecting nature a priority in New Brunswick

In October 2012, the New Brunswick government sought public input on a map of proposed protected natural areas, reaching all corners of the province. From the wildest parts of the Restigouche wilderness, to the forests that protect Moncton’s drinking water supply and those around the fabled Dungarvon River, these candidate areas are representative of the vast diversity of ecosystems and wildlife found in New Brunswick.

CPAWS supporters and members of the public submitted letters of support for establishing these areas, but more than a year later, we’re still awaiting an announcement from the province about what will happen with these proposed protected areas. While we wait for a decision about protecting these areas, industrial development approvals are proceeding at a rapid pace.

The clock is ticking for New Brunswick’s nature.

We need your help to keep the pot boiling so these proposed protected areas don’t drop off the province’s agenda.

Currently, only 3% of New Brunswick is under any form of permanent protection. We need to change that. Although the proposed plan was limited in scope, and the proposed areas were too small and spread too far apart, if all of them were protected it would represent a long-awaited step towards protecting our province’s threatened wilderness and wildlife.

Please take a moment right now to use the form below to send a simple letter to the Minister of Natural Resources, asking about the status of these candidate protected areas.

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