Help Protect Jasper National Park from Resort Development at Maligne Lake

A new proposal to build a 66 suite hotel and fifteen tent cabins along the shoreline of Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park poses a serious threat to one of the most beautiful and iconic landscapes in the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

The latest in a series of troubling commercial development proposals in Banff and Jasper, this project directly contradicts Parks Canada’s policy and would put Maligne Lake’s wild beauty and the woodland caribou, grizzly bears and harlequin ducks that live there at risk.

We need your help to stop this proposal!

Please help by submitting your thoughts on the proposal using the form below.

CPAWS is calling on the federal government to reject this proposal because: 

  • It contradicts park policies designed to limit development – The proposed hotel development contradicts the 2010 Jasper Park Management Plan and the 2007 policy on outlying accommodations, both of which specifically prohibit new commercial accommodation outside Jasper town site in order to limit development pressures. Allowing the Maligne Lake hotel to proceed would create a precedent that could open the floodgates to uncontrolled development in our national parks.
  • It threatens at-risk wildlife – An increase in morning and evening traffic on the Maligne Lake road would jeopardize the very survival of the Maligne herd of woodland caribou which has declined precipitously in the past 15 years from more than 60 to just 6 animals. The hotel proposal could also harm grizzly bears and harlequin ducks – both sensitive species which rely on the northern end of Maligne Lake as important habitat.
  • It doesn’t respect the law – According to the National Parks Act, the federal government’s first priority in all park management decisions must be maintaining or restoring the health of park ecosystems.  A proposal that threatens park wildlife doesn’t meet this test. 
  • Canadians don’t want it – A survey of Maligne Lake visitors showed 99% were satisfied with their visit. There is no evidence that park visitors and the Canadian public want this strip of development along the shoreline of Maligne Lake, and no demonstrated need to build a hotel. Visitor surveys and polling show that Canadians want their national parks kept wild, and that people come to Rocky Mountain National Parks for the scenic natural beauty and wildlife viewing.
  • Jasper is a global treasure – As a World Heritage Site, Canada has promised the world we will protect Jasper National Park on behalf of the global community.

Speaking up in defense of our national parks is the best way to ensure these natural treasures, which belong to all of us, are protected forever.

Please send your comments about this proposed hotel development to Maligne Tours and Parks Canada by writing a letter in the space below. Taking a few minutes to write a short message could help save this iconic Canadian national park and its threatened wildlife.

Note: If you have a personal story about Jasper National Park, please consider mentioning it in your letter. Personalized letters have much more impact on decision makers!

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