Center for Biological Diversity

Protect La Amistad Biosphere Reserve and the Ngöbe Indians of Panama

The U.S.-based AES Corporation's Chan-75 hydroelectric dam project in Panama risks forever altering the pristine Changuinola River watershed and ancestral homeland of the Ngöbe Indians.

If completed, the Chan-75 dam would inundate four Ngöbe villages that are home to approximately 1,000 people. Another 4,000 Ngöbe living in neighboring villages would be affected by the destruction of their transportation routes, flooding of their agricultural plots, lack of access to their farmlands, and loss of fish that are an important protein source in their diet. The dam would also cause grave environmental harm to the UNESCO-protected La Amistad Biosphere Reserve, an international World Heritage Site upriver from the dam site.

Please join the growing international movement to protect this ecological jewel and voice your opposition to the proposed Hydroelectric Projects. Send a letter today to Ricardo Martinelli, President of Panama; the Autoridad Nacional del Ambiente, Panama’s environmental protection agency; and Paul Hanrahan, President and Chief Executive Officer of AES Corporation.

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