Take action today to end torture in California prisons

On any given day in California, at least 11,000 adult prisoners are held in some form of isolation. {These figures are from Prof Keramet Reiter of UC Irvine, an independent expert on California system of solitary isolation.} The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) Security Threat Group/Step Down Program (STG/SDP) is nearing implementation. Proposed regulations under consideration govern placement into and release from the SHU (Secure Housing Units), California’s long-term solitary confinement cells. In many respects the STG/SDP is worse than the current practice. The STG/SDP policies will perpetuate California’s use of torturous isolation.

The official state document outlining the proposed regulations is available here.

We encourage you to use the following customizable message to write to the CDCR.

National Religious Campaign Against Torture
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