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A Religious Call for a Just and Humane End to the Hunger Strike in California Prisons

The National Religious Campaign Against Torture, American Friends Service Committee and the Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition invite clergy and religious leaders in California and throughout the United States to join in "A Religious Call for a Just and Humane End to the Hunger Strike in California Prisons" by signing the following open letter to Governor Edmund G. Brown of California.  Signatures will be delivered on a rolling basis. We urge clergy and religious leaders to sign today.  All people of faith are encouraged to invite religious leaders in their community to join in the effort by signing the letter below.

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Number Date Name Location
1233 5 days ago Christopher Pond Idleyld Park, OR
1232 9 months ago Janet Wilhelm Red Bud, IL
1231 10 months ago Andrea Williams Philadelphia, PA
1230 10 months ago Martha Ann Joyce Seattle, WA
1229 10 months ago Roger Harkness Oklahoma City, OK
1228 10 months ago Cathrerine Gentile Santa Monica , CA
1227 10 months ago Elaine Chan New York, NY
1226 10 months ago Nancy Leys Milwaukee, WI
1225 10 months ago sophia garcia covina, CA
1224 10 months ago sophia garcia covina, CA
1223 10 months ago Jack Lebowitz Bethesda, MD
1222 10 months ago Polly Mann Minneapolis, MN
1221 10 months ago Philip Gates Prescott, AZ
1220 10 months ago Maureen Wesolowski Berkeley, CA
1219 10 months ago Robert Krueger Portland, OR
1218 10 months ago Barton Hisgen Schaumburg, IL
1217 10 months ago Jeanette Weis Glendale, AZ
1216 10 months ago Colleen Hicks Bolinas, CA
1215 10 months ago Alexander Ovsienko Hamburg, ot
1214 10 months ago robert Lujan San Gabriel, CA
1213 10 months ago Andy Griggs Los Angeles, CA
1212 10 months ago Joanne Tenney Escondido, CA
1211 10 months ago Odilia Leal-McBride Austin, TX
1210 10 months ago Nancy Seklir New York, NY
1209 10 months ago Wayne Wilkinson St Louis, MO
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