Don't deny medical cannabis patients transplants!

A patient in California can be denied a life-saving organ transplant solely based on the fact that he or she uses medical cannabis! Legal patients have died after being removed from the organ transplant list, and others are in jeapordy right now. Americans for Safe Access, the nation's leading medical cannabis patients' advocacy organization, proposes legilsation to prevent anyone from being denied a transplant because of medical cannabis. Read more about the Medical Marijuana Oragn Transplant Act and sign this petition to let lawmakers know you support the effort to provide equal access to health care for legal patients.

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169 4 hours ago gary helseth cypress, CA
168 1 week ago craig muhlrad Santa monica, CA
167 2 weeks ago Elaine Zanabria Chula Vista, CA
166 3 weeks ago Pat Ohri Petaluma, CA
165 1 month ago Rudy Gallardo MARYSVILLE, CA
164 1 month ago Jesse Harvey Salinas, CA
163 2 months ago Anonymous Citrus Heights, CA
162 2 months ago Hannah Kabui Oakland, CA
161 3 months ago Anonymous Orangevale, CA
160 3 months ago Anonymous concord, CA
159 3 months ago Donna Baxter Moreno Valley , CA
158 3 months ago Kyle Chidester San Francisco, CA
157 3 months ago alicia bousquet le grand, CA
156 3 months ago Ruben Gonzales Rancho Cucamonga, CA
155 3 months ago Ruben Gonzales Rancho Cucamonga, CA
154 3 months ago Anonymous Campbell, CA
153 3 months ago jerilee bobbitt santa clara, CA
152 4 months ago Anonymous CA
151 4 months ago Julia Rigoli Murrieta, CA
150 4 months ago Amy Heyler Santa Rosa, CA
149 4 months ago Teri Heuer Fullerton, CA
148 4 months ago Stephanie Sachs Corona, CA
147 4 months ago William Hinkle San Diego, CA
146 4 months ago Gordon Wilson Laguna Niguel, CA
145 4 months ago Valerie Fletcher Campbell, CA
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