Senator Wyden's O&C Legislation Falls Short On Conservation

Does this look like a clearcut?

We're not so sure if Sen. Ron Wyden can tell.

Sen. Wyden recently unveiled the "O&C Land Grant Act," which establishes new management for the 2.1 million acres of Oregon's public O&C lands and Backyard Forests. It is - to put it mildly - disappointing to conservationists.

To bail out county budgets in southwest Oregon, Sen. Wyden will eliminate the old-growth and wildlife reserve system and effectively dismantle the Northwest Forest Plan, limit the public's ability to challenge their government and have a say in how their public lands are managed, and allow widespread clearcutting under the guise of "eco-forestry."

Some feel this is a balanced approach. We disagree. (Read more about our position here.)

Please take a moment to express your concerns to Senator Ron Wyden about the "O&C Land Grant Act," and share your thoughts with Senator Jeff Merkley too. You can use the letter we've provided below, or re-write the letter into your own words.

(photos by Chandra LeGue)