Oregon Wolf Recovery

After being hunted, trapped, and poisoned to near extinction, wolves are beginning to retake their place on the American landscape.

Sadly recovery remains tenuous. For some, old prejudices die hard. Led by the Oregon Cattlemen's Association and their political allies, fearful anti-wolf activists continue to push legislation that would take Oregon back to the days of killing wolves.

Killing wildlife doesn't solve conflicts. In 2012, Oregon was the only state with a meaningful wolf population that didn't purposely kill them. With the state's wolf killing program under a court-ordered hold, wolf recovery got back on track.

While the wolf population increased from 29 to 47 known wolves, conflict went down. By focusing on non-lethal conflict prevention, only 4 of the state's 1.3 million cows were lost to wolves.

Rather than killing wolves, Oregon should focus on preventing conflict. Help stop the assault on wildlife. The petition below will be delivered to state representatives and other decision makers in whose hands the fate of wolf recovery rests.

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    3198 7 days ago Deepa Demes Port Louis, NY
    3197 2 weeks ago SYLVIA MASTRANTONIO moore, OK Wolf-killers admit it's all about the sadistic sexual thrill PRINTED STORY IN THE EXAMINER.COM To allow this to continue on such knowledge is beyond incomprehensible
    3196 3 weeks ago Sylvia Gries Eppenbrunn, ot
    3195 3 weeks ago Ronald Tanguy Tahiti - French Polynesia, ot
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    3188 1 month ago Dana Belt Yuba City, CA
    3187 1 month ago jigyasa bhatnagar bangalore, ot
    3186 1 month ago nooshin rezakhani kermanshah, MS
    3185 1 month ago ruchi sharma DELHI, IN
    3184 1 month ago Anya Bronk Roosendaal, ot People should stop thinking that they are able to “manage” nature. The idea that some lives matter less, and that we’re better of without, shows their arrogance and ignorance.
    Every creature con...
    3183 1 month ago Ernesto Cristina MVD, ot
    3182 1 month ago lilas giorgi narbonne, ot
    3181 1 month ago lilas giorgi narbonne, ot
    3180 2 months ago Lucy Perez chilpancingo , ot
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