South of the Border, the first documentary by a major American director to explore the social transformation underway in South America, is the product of Oliver Stone's 2009 road trip across five countries to explore the social and political movements taking place in those countries and the mis-perceptions most people have about Hugo Chávez and other leaders in South America, mostly due to a skewed portrayal by major US media.

-Bill Maher

"…an INTERESTING and REVEALING film that challenges conventional thinking about Chávez and South America ."
-Matthew Garrahan, Financial Times

"…a VALUABLE and INTERESTING CORRECTIVE to the mainstream media's often-atrocious coverage of Latin America , and a fascinating account of the rise of a new generation of political leaders."
-Andrew O'Hehir,

"This film should be MANDATORY VIEWING for every high school senior in the United States."
-Jesse Ventura, Former Governor of Minnesota

-Mike Sargent, WBAI-RADIO

-Ray Bennett, The Hollywood Reporter

-David Jenkins, Time Out London

"LOVED THE MOVIE! Great perspective that people here in the US should see and hopefully it (will) make them understand what is going on in South America and US foreign policy."
-Jason Smith, IMPACTO Latin News

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