John Kerry: Talk to Iran About Syria

Secretary of State John Kerry pressured Secretary General Ban to withdraw Iran's invitation to Geneva II purportedly because Iran never agreed to the terms of the Geneva communiqué, the outcome of the previous peace conference that Iran was also not invited to.

But just last week, Kerry admitted that Iran was a “major actor” in the Syria conflict and that “no other nation has its people on the ground fighting in the way that they are.” Given this, how can the US expect to secure a ceasefire without Iranian cooperation?

With real progress being made in the nuclear talks, now is the time to also talk to Iran about Syria.

Tell John Kerry to stop blocking Iran's involvement in the Syria talks and to work with Iran to secure a ceasefire to stop the killing.

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13755 1 day ago Wm Deutsch IL , US
13754 1 day ago Wm Deutsch IL , US it is only right that Iran be included any peace convention,
13753 1 day ago Adele Roof VA , US Isolation is not diplomacy. Please be a true diplomat and talk to people, rather than isolate or sanction them.
13752 1 day ago Judith Carlson MN , United States
13751 2 days ago Katherine Gilbert MD , United States
13750 5 days ago Carlos Echevarria CA , US
13749 1 week ago d Goldsmith OR , United States
13748 1 week ago Bruce Christopher IL , US
13747 1 week ago Joe Fedeli PA , United States
13746 1 week ago Brenda Ciotola MA , US
13745 1 week ago Gary Derosa FL , United States
13744 3 weeks ago Mostafa Avini TX , US A real peace effort would involve all parties with vested interest in peace. Iran is making a genuine effort for improving her standing in the international arena. Blocking Iran from participating c...
13743 3 weeks ago John Fortier CA , US
13742 3 weeks ago John Fortier CA , US
13741 3 weeks ago Mary Pagan RI , United States With thanks for all of your exceptional work for peace.
Respectfully hoping that including Iran will help towards this goal.
13740 3 weeks ago Minerva Rivera MD , United States
13739 3 weeks ago Antonio Cafoncelli DC , United States
13738 3 weeks ago Charles Anderson WA , United States
13737 4 weeks ago Robert Sinuhe CA , United States I used to think that the U.S. didn't know how to conduct a foreign policy. The events of the past few years have convinced me that the U.S. doesn't know how to conduct foreign policy. There is no re...
13736 4 weeks ago Susan Balmer IL , United States
13735 4 weeks ago Clarence Morey MD , United States Your use of diplomatic efforts is essential.
13734 4 weeks ago Audrey Franklin CO , United States
13733 4 weeks ago Mares Hirchert MI , United States Talking to Iran is more promising that talking to Israel. Israel is the real terrorist threat to the region. They are interested in their own existence at the expense of other peoples' children, k...
13732 4 weeks ago Jane Stillwater CA , United States We Americans are tired of having a rep for being war-mongering idiots and thieves.
13731 4 weeks ago William Rice ME , United States You have to talk to everybody involved. It is just stupid to exclude anybody.
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