Join Oliver Stone & Noam Chomsky in Supporting Snowden Asylum

The U.S. government’s crackdown on whistleblowers is a direct threat to our efforts to reform U.S. foreign policy to make it more just. If we don't know for sure what the U.S. government is doing, we can’t have an effective democratic debate about what U.S. policy should be.

Faced with the threat of persecution by the U.S, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has applied to numerous governments for political asylum. Join Oliver Stone, Noam Chomsky, and Tom Hayden in supporting Snowden’s asylum request by signing the petition below.

Read the full letter to President Correa, along with the current list of signatures, here.

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    Number Date Name Location Comment
    31072 1 month ago Isabel Moutinho PT
    31071 1 month ago Victor Beas Gadsden, AL , US
    31070 3 months ago liliane boussel st pardoux, FL , FR MENONS LE MEME LUTTE QUE L EQUATEUR
    31069 3 months ago Didier Le Bacq DE
    31068 4 months ago Rick Hart Austin, TX , United States
    31067 5 months ago Alain LECERF Dammartin en Goele, FX Pour la véritable démocratie populaire. A bas l'oligarchie, la ploutocartie,la théocratie, la médiacratie. Vive les alerteurs.
    For the true people's democracy. Down with the oligarchy, the plou...
    31066 6 months ago Jorge Manuel Tellez Campos LEON, NICARAGUA, ot , CR I SUPPORT A MR. STONE, MR. CHOMSKY
    31065 7 months ago Heather Nicolaides Portland, OR , United States
    31064 7 months ago james guéret murs-érigné, FR Pour le respect de la démocratie dans le monde
    31063 7 months ago Liliana Cotto-Morales San Juan, NY , PR Ecuador will do a great service to the planet by granting this petition.
    31062 9 months ago Pierre BAGARIE CLERTMONT FERRAND, FR
    31061 9 months ago Adedayo Adeyemo grainville - langannerie, FR For a courageous young man who stuck his head out while most people would just pretend it doesn ´t exisit
    31060 9 months ago Neil Roose Melbourne, ot , AU
    31059 9 months ago Anonymous New York, NY , US Edward Snowden is a courageous young man who loves his country. I would have done the same thing if I were him. He is my hero.
    31058 9 months ago Preston Mitchell Eureka Springs, AR , US Snowden is a defender of the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights. This American Patriot deserves to come home. Thank you, Snowden.
    31057 9 months ago Jean Lazard BE
    31056 10 months ago Diane Jarrett San Diego, CA , US
    31055 10 months ago Lynne Glasner Manhattan, NY , United States
    31054 11 months ago Sylvie Mayencon London, GB
    31053 11 months ago Joelle Penochet FR
    31052 11 months ago Joelle Penochet FR
    31051 11 months ago Vabre Marie Aulnay-sous-Bois, FX
    31050 11 months ago Hubert Kleinpeter Key Biscayne, FL , United States Please help this man escape the criminality of the USA; a government that has also tortured your people. I am an expatriate forced to leave the USA governments criminality. people like us have a lot...
    31049 11 months ago couedel francoise NICE, CT , FR
    31048 12 months ago Michael Ketterhagen Fond du Lac, WI , United States
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