WaPo: Ask the Public an Unbiased Question on Drone Strikes

A key reason many in Congress haven't spoken up against the drone strike policy is that many believe the public overwhelmingly supports the policy. A key reason many believe the public overwhelmingly supports the drone strike policy is that the Washington Post said so in February 2012.

But the question the Washington Post asked in its February 2012 poll, and the way the Post reported it, were highly misleading. And in the last year, a lot of criticism has appeared in mainstream press of the drone strike policy that hadn't appeared before.

As the Senate considers the nomination of John Brennan to head the CIA, where he will oversee CIA drone strikes, urge the Washington Post to ask the public an unbiased question on drone strikes.

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As the Senate considers the nomination of drone strike policy architect John Brennan to head the CIA, where he will oversee CIA drone strikes, we urge you to ask the public a poll question about their opinion on current drone strike policy which takes account of concerns backed by State Department officials and independent reporting that drone strikes have not been narrowly targeted on terrorist suspects.
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