Petition: End US Drone Strikes in Pakistan

U.S drone strikes in Pakistan are coming under unprecedented scrutiny. A recent report by a joint Stanford/NYU team of researchers highlights civilian deaths, "signature strikes" against unknown targets, "secondary strikes" that include attacks on civilian rescuers, and how the drone strike policy is turning Pakistani public opinion against the United States.

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Richard Olson, U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan:

We urge you to do everything in your power to end U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan; to bring the drone strike policy into compliance with international and U.S. law; to permanently end all "signature strikes" against unknown persons; to permanently end all "secondary strikes," particularly those that target and endanger civilian rescuers, in grave violation of international law; to address questions about civilian casualties from drone strikes publicly and in detail; and to compensate civilian drone strike victims and their families.
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    4903 Mon Sep 15 14:26:35 EDT 2014 Anonymous AU
    4902 Tue Sep 09 04:00:00 EDT 2014 Susan Brannon Sherwood, OR , US Not in my name, not with my dollars
    4901 Sat Aug 30 02:10:52 EDT 2014 Anonymous Mississauga, CA
    4900 Wed Aug 20 23:57:02 EDT 2014 Damon Harris UM
    4899 Sun Aug 03 13:39:09 EDT 2014 Andrew Bauer Pittsburgh, PA , US
    4898 Wed Jul 16 09:01:56 EDT 2014 Shiu Hung Palm Bay, FL , United States
    4897 Wed Jul 16 09:01:04 EDT 2014 Maureen Primerano Palm Bay, FL , United States
    4896 Sun Jun 22 02:46:08 EDT 2014 Alix Daniel London, GB
    4895 Wed Jun 18 23:22:08 EDT 2014 Jessica Taylor Acworth, GA , US 202 -->201I can't imagine living under the conditions these poor people do. It is horrible and shameful. It seems to me that these drones and strikes will only make our problems worse in the future. Please stop!
    4894 Tue Jun 17 00:01:03 EDT 2014 Catherine Ford Austin, TX , United States
    4893 Sun Jun 08 01:08:54 EDT 2014 John Lucas Modesto, CA , United States
    4892 Mon May 12 20:18:00 EDT 2014 Anonymous Superior, CO , US These drones are killing innocent people
    4891 Tue Apr 29 13:04:37 EDT 2014 Anonymous Almonte, ON , CA
    4890 Sat Apr 26 09:25:59 EDT 2014 Dannielle Jaeger Westfield, MA , United States
    4889 Sat Apr 26 01:33:58 EDT 2014 Bassam Imam Montreal , QC , CA The innocent people that these drone strikes are killing were created by GOD and granted life, to be treated as full-fledged human beings, and not to be unjustly brutalized, abused, or killed in a monstrous More....
    4888 Fri Apr 25 03:46:00 EDT 2014 Anonymous US
    4887 Fri Apr 25 03:45:46 EDT 2014 Anonymous US
    4886 Tue Apr 22 23:07:01 EDT 2014 hali scott san diego, CA , US
    4885 Thu Apr 17 13:30:16 EDT 2014 Yekaterina Putin Charlottesville , VA , US
    4884 Wed Apr 16 11:55:56 EDT 2014 michael kapitan Vienna, ot , AT For human rights
    4883 Tue Apr 08 12:47:37 EDT 2014 Jesse Adams Seattle, WA , US As a US citizen, I would be enraged at the thought of another country flying weaponized aircraft over my own country with the intent to carry out extrajudicial killings. With this reasoning, we should More....
    4882 Fri Mar 28 23:56:38 EDT 2014 Katherine Tester Minneapolis , MN , US
    4881 Sun Mar 23 08:49:27 EDT 2014 Trent Gouveia Las Vegas, NV , US
    4880 Sun Mar 16 12:01:56 EDT 2014 Anonymous Vancouver, BC , CA End War Drone Strikes
    4879 Fri Mar 07 16:45:59 EST 2014 Rachel Schmied Salem, MA , US such conduct from a world power is obscene and despicable.
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