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Target starts to clean up their beauty aisle!

by Melissa Sargent, LocalMotionGreen at Ecology Center

target-photo-NYT-http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/2010/08/05/fashion/Z-SKIN-D/Z-SKIN-D-articleLarge.jpgYou spoke and Target listened! 

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, "As consumers nationwide have become more aware of the toxic chemicals in their over-the-counter products, they have pushed manufacturers and retailers to make changes. The message seems to be paying off."

In response to the nation-wide grass-roots campaign to clean up the beauty aisle, Target recently announced it will adopt a Sustainable Product Standard (PDF). 

This new standard will rank personal care, beauty, household cleaning, and baby care products based on specific criteria. Products without any of the 100+ ingredients deemed as hazardous by Target in partnership with the Good Guide will receive the highest score. Target’s buyers will use the scores to guide their decisions on what to sell in their stores. 
Other ranking criteria include: ingredient transparency, animal testing prohibition, sustainability of packaging, and a lack of ingredients labeled as hazardous to water. 

Unfortunately, consumers will not have access to the product rankings. But, the new standard is a good first step. We look forward to Target adding other product categories in the near future and learning how the corporation will measure the success of the program. You can learn more about hazards in our bath & body products at Dangerously Beautiful.

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