Tell Your Senator: We Need #CEDAWnow!

We’re just back from the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, where we saw the important impact that CEDAW, the Women’s Treaty,  has had on eliminating discrimination around the world. The United States, however, is the only industrialized country that has not ratified CEDAW - the Convention to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.

CEDAW is vital to the advancement of women’s rights globally. It has prompted major progress in the expansion of educational opportunities for women and girls, the elimination of gender-based violence, the improvement of marriage and family relations laws, and the increased political participation of women.

Urge your Senators to support the Women’s Treaty. The US has a compelling interest to improve conditions for women. Yet, the United Sates has compromised its credibility as a world leader in both human rights and women’s rights by its failure to ratify CEDAW.

Afterward, share the action with the hashtag #CEDAWNow!

You can learn more about CEDAW by downloading our fact sheet.


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