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April 2014

Tools, actions, stories, and news to help you and your congregation stay connected to the vital ministry of building welcoming and inclusive communities where all people can bring their full authentic selves.

A tool to increase your welcome

Asexual 101 Video Clip

Asexual is often referred to as the “invisible” sexual orientation. How much do you know about this widely misunderstood population? How is your congregation welcoming to asexual people?

This video clip from Everything’s A-OK provides a great overview of what it means to be asexual and dispels many common misconceptions about asexual people. Check out the whole video series from Everything’s A-OK for more great informational video clips. Use them for education and discussion!

An action to live it loud and proud

Celebrate Mamas Day May 11

How does your congregation celebrate parenthood from the margins? “Mamas Day” strives to intentionally broaden how we celebrate motherhood, including lesbian moms, single moms, adoptive moms, foster moms, trans moms, immigrant moms, and more.

This year you are invited to consider the interdependent, communal, and contextual nature of motherhood—how do we, or do we not, help mamas be successful? Access resources and more!

A story to inspire your ministry

Congregation Holds Inclusive Church Auction

An annual auction is a common fundraising event for many UU congregations. This year, the UU Congregation of Gwinnett, GA, decided to take a risk and make their church auction a welcoming and inclusive event for people of all financial means. Upon offering a donation of any size at the door, attendees were given a set amount of “play money” with which they could bid on auction items that evening. Read the whole story!

p.s. Want to engage further with being a Welcoming Congregation to people of all economic classes? Check out the new website UU Class Conversations.

News to share

GSA Network Calls for Release of LGBTQ Immigrants from Detention

Yordy Cancino is a Gay-Straight Alliance Network leader who was the president of his high school’s GSA and graduated as salutatorian. Now he is being held in immigration detention facing deportation because he requested asylum based on his identity.

GSA Network has launched a petition calling for the release of Yordy and other LGBTQ asylum seekers. You can sign the petition and also hear Yordy and other asylum seekers’ stories. You can sign the petition and also read the full story.

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