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April 2014: There is more hope right here! Earth Day & More!

Dear Friends,

Like the interdependent web we celebrate, our ministries for justice are interconnected. In this issue of Just Acts (our new name to go along with our new look!) we have resources for building faithful, sustainable, justice-seeking congregations and communities. From living more sustainably here to helping achieve food sovereignty in Haiti; to getting the minimum wage raised and providing youth training on workers’ rights; to protecting our democracy and voting rights, and offering a civil rights journey to Mississippi this summer.  It’s all connected.  You’ll find simple actions you can take today, along with learning opportunities and resources for more long term engagement, and news about what UUs are doing.  Happy Earth Day, blessed spring! 

Faithfully, Alex, Annette, Audra, Hanna, Janice, Jennifer, Jessica, Lesley, Nora, Susan, and Taquiena - UUA Multicultural Growth & Witness

p.s. If you haven’t already, join immigrant justice actions with other UUs and our partners on April 5th-9th.

In this issue:

  • Earth Day Resources from UU Ministry for Earth
  • Celebrate Earth Day: Grow a Garden & Sponsor a Garden in Haiti with UUSC
  • Raising the Minimum Wage: A Moral Imperative—Call the Senate This Week! 
  • Youth Summer Justice Trainings with the UU College of Social Justice
  • Multigenerational Mississippi Civil Rights Journey July 5–12 

Earth Day Resources from UUMFE

Earth Day is April 22!  UU Ministry for Earth (UUMFE) is focusing  on the role of faith  communities in building sustainable and resilient communities.This year, UUMFE  is supporting congregations in celebrating Earth Day by working towards sustainable communities by providing resources on waste and consumption and socially responsible investing. Visit the UUMFE's Earth Day web page for  these resources and more, including suggested actions, reading lists, recommended films, and climate action. 

Register your congregation's Earth Day activity on the UUMFE website and you'll be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift certificate to the UUA Bookstore!

p.s. Did you hear about the Ecological Justice Collaboratory that took place in Detroit a few weeks ago? This groundbreaking gathering of leaders from across the UU movement explored the question, “How can UUs help to bring about a more just, sustainable, and spirit-filled society and economy?” Read about it here

Celebrate Earth Day: Grow a Garden & Sponsor a Garden in Haiti with the UUSC

Another great opportunity to celebrate Earth Day is to join the UU Service Committee in pledging to grow a garden this spring and sponsor a garden in Haiti. If 100 groups (congregations, youth groups, networks) participate, and each raises $250 for one family, we can help 100 Haitian families grow their own food and achieve food sovereignty and sustainability. Sign up today to grow a garden and sponsor a garden in Haiti! How-to resources are available to help you grow your own garden and raise money for a garden in Haiti.

Raising the Minimum Wage: A Moral Imperative—Call the Senate This Week!

Last month UUA & UUSC asked you to call your representatives in the House to urge them to allow a vote on raising the federal minimum wage. Now the Senate is expected to take up the Minimum Wage Fairness Act soon. The bill that would raise both the regular minimum wage and the minimum wage paid to tipped workers.

Please call your senator today (our UUSC staff are on Capitol Hill today) or Friday, which has been designated Faith Friday by the interfaith coalition we are part of, at 866-204-2557 (toll-free). Your representatives need to keep hearing that people of faith say raising the minimum wage is a moral imperative!

You can follow the UUSC on Facebook and Twitter to see live updates from their witness on our behalf at this week’s minimum wage events on Capitol Hill. And if you haven’t yet, please sign our joint UUA/UUSC statement.

Last month UU religious professionals of color answered the call and witnessed for economic justice and raising the minimum wage as part of the annual Finding Our Way Home retreat. Read about it here at Standing on the Side of Love.

Youth Summer Justice Trainings with the UUCSJ

Do you know a high school–aged youth searching for exciting opportunities in important justice work? The UU College of Social Justice can help! Check out Activate!, a one-day pre-General Assembly workshop for youth that puts values into action by discussing workers’ rights and the call to raise the minimum wage.

Youth justice trainings are also available in New Orleans, Boston, and Seattle, where participants have a chance to partner with local grassroots organizations on an array of local and national issues. Learn more about these and other unique summer opportunities.

Multigenerational Mississippi Civil Rights Journey

The Living Legacy Project and the UU College of Social Justice are teaming up to host a multigenerational bus journey into Mississippi from July 5–12, in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of Freedom Summer.

This special multigenerational social justice pilgrimage for adults and high school–aged youth will be transformative. Journeyers will explore the U.S. civil rights movement by meeting the people, hearing the stories, and visiting the sites that changed the United States and had ripple effects throughout the world. Participants will also explore the links between our civil rights history and today’s struggle against voter suppression.

Apply now to join this journey!

Want more ways to get involved with the fiftieth anniversary of Freedom Summer and the renewed struggle for voting rights? Check out Standing on the Side of Love’s resource page on voting rights and join the new Facebook Group UUs Forward Together.

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