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The Welcoming Congregation Bulletin

March 2014

Tools, actions, stories, and news to help you and your congregation stay connected to the vital ministry of building welcoming and inclusive communities where all people can bring their full authentic selves.

A tool to increase your welcome 

Building the World We Dream About

Building the World We Dream About was developed by the UUA in response to a call for a “Welcoming Congregation–style” program on race and ethnicity. It is designed to help participants delve deeply into their own experiences around race and build their cross-cultural skills, ultimately engaging with how to move toward an actively anti-racist congregation and/or community.

The curriculum at the center of the program is available for free online; in addition to the original curriculum there is also a version specifically tailored to young adults. Learn more!

p.s. The UUA views “multiculturalism” as inclusive of all cultural differences, including sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, age, class, and more, in addition to race and ethnicity. Check out ten tips for how to deepen your congregation’s multiculturalism journey!

An action to live it loud and proud 

Get Trained to be an OWL Facilitator  

The lifespan sexuality education curriculum series Our Whole Lives is one of the most powerful tools in the UU justice toolbox around sexuality—and using OWL is one of the Action Steps for being a Welcoming Congregation. There are six different curricula in the series, for six different age groups, including adults.

If you haven’t already, consider becoming a trained OWL facilitator! Check out upcoming training workshops.

p.s. Questions to consider: Is your congregation using OWL? How can you expand your use of this resource to different age groups? Have you considered partnering with other nearby congregations for greater participation?

A story to inspire your ministry 

UU Youth Proclaims “I Love My Moms”

When State Bill 1062 passed in the Arizona legislature, proposing to permit businesses to refuse service on the basis of religious belief, Steven Ballesteros took to the blogosphere with a powerful message: “I love my moms.”

Ballesteros is a member of the UUA Youth Ministry Advisory Committee, a resident of Tucson, the son of two moms, and a passionate advocate for equality. Read his story

News to share 

Ugandans Challenge Anti-Homosexuality Act

On February 24 Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill was signed into law, prescribing life imprisonment for homosexuality and lengthy jail terms for "aiding or abetting homosexuality.”

Last week a group including Ugandan human rights organizations, LGBT activists, attorneys, and lawmakers filed a constitutional challenge to the law.

Dr. Frank Mugisha, Director of the organization Sexual Minorities Uganda, visited Washington, DC, to share priorities for action to counter the law. Among the solidarity actions Mugisha offered as being most needed was his plea for church leaders to speak out aggressively in opposition to the law. Hear Mugisha’s full remarks.

Plus: Congratulations to Our Seven Newest Recognized Welcoming Congregations!

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The Welcoming Congregation Bulletin is produced by Multicultural Ministries, part of the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Multicultural Growth & Witness staff group. Each monthly issue offers a tool to use, an action to take, a story for inspiration, and news to share. Click here for more info, to subscribe, to see our archives, and to submit content ideas.

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