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UU Justice Action (JustAct) News

February 2014: Join the March, Share the Love, and Witness for All 

Dear Friends:

Right now, tens of thousands of people are gathering in Raleigh, NC, for a Mass Moral March for voting rights and economic, racial, and social justice, including Rev. Peter Morales and 800–1,000 other Unitarian Universalists and others marching under the Standing on the Side of Love banner! 

Not in Raleigh? Scroll down to the bottom of SSL’s Moral March page for how to act in solidarity with the marchers tomorrow. You can also follow our contingent on social media using the Twitter hashtag #SSLMoralMarch or tuning in via the UU contingent’s Facebook event.

In this issue:

  • Join Share the Love Sunday 
  • Register for the 2014 National Preach-In on Climate Change 
  • Fast for Families Across America
  • Reproductive Justice and the LGBTQ Community
  • 2014 Spring Seminar on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 
  • Submit Feedback on Current Congregational Study/Action Issue 
  • 2014 Social Justice Awards and Sermon Contests: March Deadlines 

Faithfully, Alex, Annette, Audra, Hanna, Janice, Jennifer, Jessica, Lesley, Susan, and Taquiena - UUA Multicultural Growth & Witness

Join Share the Love Sunday – and Get a Free SSL Banner!

Join us on Sunday, February 16 as we celebrate Share the Love Sunday. This special Sunday will mark the culmination of the Thirty Days of Love campaign, a month of action, advocacy, and reflection. We invite your congregation to hold a special service to celebrate our journey of social justice actions and demonstrations of courageous love.

The first 50 congregations to sign up for Share the Love Sunday will receive a Standing on the Side of Love banner to help celebrate love all year! Worship materials and resources are available to help you plan this special service. Your congregation's special collection will support the important work being done by the UUA and Standing on the Side of Love. To register your congregation, please email development@uua.org.

Register for the 2014 National Preach-In on Climate Change

Join with thousands of religious communities across the country over Valentine's Day weekend, or the whole month of February, to raise up climate change as a moral imperative and express love for the earth. 

Download the free Global Warming Preach-In Kit, which include sample sermons, bulletin inserts, and fact sheets on climate change. Click here to list your event, find sample sermons by religious tradition, and get instant access to activity ideas, printable postcards to senators, bulletin inserts, a climate change fact sheet, and other helpful resources. 

It’s vital that faith communities work together to address climate change. Our government has been dangerously inactive, but our voices can make a difference together. Create or join a February event today.

Fast for Families Across America: A Call for Immigration Reform and Citizenship

The December Fast for Families campaign called on people of faith to fast and pray until immigration reform is achieved, and many UUs participated. The UUA is proud to sponsor the next step in our ongoing witness for compassionate immigration reform: Fast for Families Across America, a bus tour across the United States that will invite conversations with Members of Congress to vote for comprehensive reform this year. The tour kicked off in January and runs through April 9. 

Please join the tour and support immigrant families! Click here to see the tour route and find a stop near you! Consider witnessing in solidarity using your Standing on the Side of Love gear or assisting in organizing of a local event by contacting the point people for a stop near you.

Reproductive Justice and the LGBTQ Community

Join us for a webinar on March 5 at 3:30pm Eastern to examine the intersections of reproductive justice and LGBTQ movements for liberation. A diverse range of professionals will discuss the sexual and reproductive health care issues affecting LGBTQ people, the ways in which reproductive justice is LGBTQ justice, and more. Please join us! For more information and to register, check out the registration page.

2014 Spring Seminar on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Registration is now open for the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office 2014 Spring Seminar on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Join with youth and adults of all ages from across the United States and Canada April 3-5 in New York, NY, to listen to insightful speakers and gain understanding of global topics. Registration deadline is March 17. Learn more and register today!   

If you are interested in applying for a scholarship or financial assistance, please contact unitednations@uua.org.   

Submit Feedback on Current Congregational Study/Action Issue 

Has your congregation submitted comments on the 2012-2016 Congregational Study/Action Issue "Reproductive Justice: Expanding Our Social Justice Calling"? All congregations that have engaged in this study/action issue, or who plan to, are strongly encouraged to submit feedback on the importance of this issue, how the congregation has engaged with it, and more. Among other things, your comments will help draft the Statement of Conscience next year.

The deadline for comments and feedback is March 3. Click here for instructions on how to submit comments and access a comment form worksheet to help you gather your congregation’s feedback. 

2014 Social Justice Awards and Sermon Contests: March Deadlines

Honor the congregations and individuals who are witnessing for our Unitarian Universalist values by submitting your nominations for one of the UUA’s social justice awards and sermon contests! Individuals may nominate themselves, someone else, and/or their congregations:

  • Bennett Award (deadline March 15)
  • Holmes-Weatherly Award (deadline March 1) 
  • Skinner Sermon Award (deadline March 1)
  • Social Witness Sermon Contest (deadline March 7)

See www.uua.org/justice for resources, organizing campaigns, stories, and more!

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