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UU Justice Action (JustAct) News

January 2013: Make a New Year’s Resolution for Justice

Dear Friends:

The new year brings new and ongoing opportunities to live out our UU faith in the world. What’s your New Year’s resolution for justice? Picking up the phone to advocate with people who desperately need emergency unemployment benefits extended? Journeying to Raleigh, NC, for what may be the most massive moral rally in the South since Selma? Celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of Roe v. Wade by recommitting to reproductive justice? Thank you for your resolve, and happy 2014.

In this issue:

  • Make the Call to Extend Emergency Unemployment Benefits
  • Join the Mass Moral March
  • Thirty Days of Love Starts January 18
  • Reproductive Justice from January–March
  • Voting on Congregational Study/Action Issue Ends Feb. 3
  • Journey for Justice with the UUCSJ
  • 2014 Social Justice Award Nominations

Faithfully, Alex, Annette, Audra, Hanna, Janice, Jennifer, Jessica, Lesley, Susan, and Taquiena - UUA Multicultural Growth & Witness

Make the Call to Extend Emergency Unemployment Benefits

Nearly 1.3 million people are hoping our elected officials renew emergency unemployment benefits, which expired at the end of 2013; the Senate will soon be debating whether or not to extend these vital benefits. We all need to stand with those struggling to get by. Call your representatives TODAY and urge them to extend emergency unemployment insurance. Interfaith Worker Justice (of which the UUA is a member) and the AFL-CIO have set up a hotline: Please call 877-318-0483.

Join the Mass Moral March

An urgent call from UU Clergy in North Carolina: Come to Raleigh for Saturday February 8 Mass Moral March! Join Rev. Peter Morales; Rev. William Barber II, President of the NAACP NC; and Unitarian Universalists and our interfaith and community partners in North Carolina for a Mass Moral March on Raleigh for voting rights and economic, racial, and social justice. NC is a test state for an immoral agenda. Will you join us for the largest moral rally in the South since Selma and Stand on the Side of Love?

Register to be part of the UU contingent, sign up for housing, and learn more, and join the Facebook event. A worship, welcome and orientation session and dinner will be held at UU Fellowship of Raleigh on the evening of February 7 along with a “What's Next” session after the march on February 8.

Thirty Days of Love Starts January 18

Have you signed up for the Thirty Days of Love? Don’t miss this spiritual journey for justice for people of all ages. You can participate daily, weekly, or in your own way. You can participate as an individual, a group, or an entire congregation. Get inspired to hold a Share the Love Sunday service on Sunday, Feb. 16. We’re looking forward to journeying with you!

Gettin’ Busy: Reproductive Justice from January–March

The next three months provide many reasons and opportunities to get involved with reproductive justice. From webinars and anniversaries to hearings at the Supreme Court, reproductive justice is the talk of the town from Capitol Hill to church basements across the country. Building on a 50+ year legacy of working on these issues and our current Congregational Study/Action Issue, the UUA has many resources to help begin and nurture your reproductive justice advocacy. Here’s a few of the most important upcoming events:

  • The 41st anniversary of the Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision is on January 22. Get involved!
  • What does reproductive justice have to do with men, and vice-versa? Find out on our January 13th webinar: Reproductive Justice Ministry with UU Men
  • Join the Reproductive Justice Advocacy Community: A space for UUs leading reproductive justice work in their congregations to get connected, share success, and brainstorm for the future. The next conference call is in early February.
  • If you haven’t already, help your congregation take action on the CSAI with the curriculum, congregational resource packet, sermon contests, CSW comment deadlines, and more!
  • Both the Supreme Court and Congress are both slated to take up significant reproductive justice issues before March. Stay tuned to stay involved. Our progressive faithful voices have never been so needed.

Voting on Congregational Study/Action Issue Ends February 3

Has your congregation participated in the Congregational Poll yet? Which five justice topics will contend for the 2014–2018 Congregational Study/Action Issue (CSAI) at General Assembly next June? Voting closes February 3, and comments on the current Reproductive Justice CSAI are due March 1. Check out this guide on how to vote.

Journey for Justice with the UUCSJ

Join the UU College of Social Justice (UUCSJ) for one of their many journeys of learning, action, and reflection planned for 2014, both locally and abroad! Register by Feb. 16 to take part in “Food for Thought: An Exploration of Eating and Worker Organizing” with the Restaurant Opportunities Center of Chicago, April 29–May 3, or help residents of rural Haiti build a new life through the “Haiti Just Recovery” program, Feb. 22–March 1. C

Choose your journey in social justice today by visiting the UUCSJ calendar for all upcoming trips and application deadlines.

Now Accepting 2014 Social Justice Award Nominations

Honor the congregations and individuals who are witnessing for our Unitarian Universalist values by submitting your nominations for one of many social justice awards! Submit your nominations for the Bennett Award, Holmes-Weatherly Award, Skinner Sermon Award, the Social Witness Sermon Contest, and the Wilton Peace Prize by March 1. Individuals may nominate themselves and/or their congregations.

See www.uua.org/justice for resources, organizing campaigns, stories, and more!

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