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The Welcoming Congregation Bulletin

December 2013

Tools, actions, stories, and news to help you and your congregation stay connected to the vital ministry of building welcoming and inclusive communities where all people can bring their full authentic selves.

A tool to increase your welcome 

Gen Silent: A Film about LGBTQ Elders

The stunning documentary film Gen Silent follows the stories of six LGBTQ elders and shines a light on the compounded oppression they face. Through a special promotion, this powerful film may be streamed privately for free through New Year’s Day! Don’t miss this opportunity, and consider bringing the film to your congregation for a public screening.

An action to live it loud and proud 

Join the Spiritual Journey for Justice: Thirty Days of Love

Sign up for the third annual Thirty Days of Love, a period of intentional action, service, education, and reflection when folks all across the country (and even the world!) spread love and justice in inspiring ways. The campaign will run from January 18 to February 16. Go online to sign up and check out the interactive calendar, suggested worship services themes, and preliminary resources.

A story to inspire your ministry 

OUTreach Expands to Serve More LGBTQ Youth

OUTreach Resource Centers, founded in 2004 by the UU Church of Ogden, expanded in November by opening three new sites (with two more to come) across Utah, responding to the needs of LGBTQ youth who were traveling across the state for support and programming. OUTreach currently serves 350 youth age 14–23, and 24 youth centers and groups across the country have been modeled after OUTreach. Find out more about OUTreach and get inspired by their weekly newsletter!

p.s. Want to deepen your congregation’s LGBTQ youth ministry? Check out tips from OUTreach and the UUA’s recommended organizations for partnership and resources.

News to share 

Nelson Mandela’s Legacy

Nelson Mandela’s passing on December 5 was a loss for all who are committed to liberation from oppression and equality for all people. As Mandela wrote in Long Walk to Freedom, “To be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.”

Under Mandela’s leadership, South Africa became the first country in the world to constitutionally outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation. Prominent LGBTQ civil rights organizations reflected on the late President’s passing and how he “united a rainbow nation.”

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