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The Welcoming Congregation Bulletin

Dear Friends,

If you took our survey last month, thank you! We were delighted to hear overwhelmingly that our new email format is an improvement and that so many people find the Welcoming Congregation Bulletin useful.

Based on the results of the survey, we will be discontinuing the PDF of the bulletin, but each issue will still be easy to print via a handy web version. Let us know if you have any trouble, and please do keep sharing the bulletin with others!

A tool to increase your welcome 

Be a Welcoming Congregation for Young Adults

How welcoming is your congregation to people of all ages—particularly young adults? The Unitarian Universalist Association has released a new tool to help assess your congregation’s young adult ministry and identify steps for deepening it.

Find out more and take the Young Adult Ministry Self-Assessment!

p.s. Want more on young adult welcome? Check out “Coffee Hour Caution,” a flyer of helpful advice for older adults greeting younger adults in congregations.

An action to live it loud and proud 

"Come Out" as a Welcoming Congregation

National Coming Out Day is October 11. How will you celebrate? How will your congregation “come out” as a Welcoming Congregation? Check out our National Coming Out Day page for 10 suggestions, as well as worship resources, stories, and more.

A story to inspire your ministry 

The Importance of Sharing Stories from the Margins

On October 31, the groundbreaking Multicultural Ministries Sharing Project survey will close. In a powerful blog post, Janice Marie Johnson shares some of her own story of how her experience of Unitarian Universalism is deeply informed by her experiences of race, nationality, sexual orientation, and parenthood—and how important the Sharing Project is toward “helping us learn of and appreciate needs of folks such as me who live at the margins of identity” within Unitarian Universalism. Read her story!

p.s. Take the survey and/or spread the word!

News to share 

New Report on Homeless LGBT Youth

In recent years a spotlight has been shown on the overrepresentation of LGBTQ youth among the ranks of homeless youth—depending on geography, anywhere from 9 to 45% of homeless youth are LGBTQ.

The Center for American Progress just released a new report that offers deeper insight into who LGBT homeless youth are, how they become homeless, their experiences while they are homeless, and what can be done to address their needs. Powerful stories from youth in their own words illustrate the report throughout.

p.s. Find out about four bills Congress can enact to prevent LGBTQ youth homelessness. 

Plus: Congratulations to Our Five Newest Recognized Welcoming Congregations!

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The Welcoming Congregation Bulletin is produced by Multicultural Ministries, part of the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Multicultural Growth & Witness staff group. Each monthly issue offers a tool to use, an action to take, a story for inspiration, and news to share.  For more info, to subscribe, see our archives, and to submit content ideas, see the Welcoming Congregation Bulletin webpage.

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