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October 2013: Calling a People So Bold! Shutting Down ICE not Government Services & Supporting the People Behind the Kitchen Door

Dear Friends:

As you know, this week we witnessed the shutdown of the federal government, although not the shutdown of the federal detention and deportation system.  Please see the interfaith letter that was delivered to Congress on Monday by UUA President Rev. Peter Morales and UUSC President Rev. William Schulz opposing a  shutdown and calling for a faithful budget process.  And please consider attending the ‘Shutdown ICE’ Conference in Phoenix, Oct. 12-14th (more below).

In this issue:

  • New! Discussion Guide for UUA Common Read—Behind the Kitchen Door
  • Sign on to UUA/UUSC Statement for Raising the Minimum Wage
  • National Day of Dignity & Respect for Migrant Communities—Oct. 5th
  • National Gathering  in Phoenix AZ for Not One More Deportation—Shut Down ICE—Oct. 12–14th
  • Honor Indigenous Peoples Day—Oct. 14th
  • Multicultural Ministries Sharing Project—Survey Open until Oct. 31st
  • Share Your Story at GA: Workshop Applications Due Nov. 1st
  • Prophetic Generations: 50 Years of Choice and Justice Celebrations Nov. 17th
  • Field Test New Curriculum on Money—late October–Dec. 15th
  • 30 Days of Love! Save the Dates: Jan. 18–Feb. 16, 2014

In faith, Alex, Annette, Audra, Janice, Jennifer, Jessica, Lesley, Meredith, Susan, and Taquiena - UUA Multicultural Growth & Witness  

Now Online! Discussion Guide for 2013-14 UUA Common Read: Behind the Kitchen Door

A discussion guide for the 2013-14 UUA Common Read selection, Behind the Kitchen Door by Saru Jayaraman, is available to download at no charge. Lead a single session or a three-session workshop to share responses to the stories Jayaraman has collected of economically vulnerable restaurant workers. The guide includes suggestions and guidance for taking action against economic injustice in the food service industry.  

The goal is not to discourage restaurant dining; rather, this Common Read invites diners to become more observant, better educated customers who support people who work in food preparation and service. Plan to do this Common Read in your congregation.

Sign on to UUA/UUSC Statement for Raising the Minimum Wage

Learn about the UUA/UUSC campaign to raise the minimum wage and add your name to the Joint Statement "Raising the Minimum Wage—A Moral Imperative" from UUA President Rev. Peter Morales and Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) President Rev. Bill Schulz to join together in advocacy for low-wage workers and their families.

Take Part in the Oct. 5th National Day of Dignity & Respect for Migrant Communities

On October 5, 2013, a broad and diverse movement—including our vast immigrant communities in America as well as faith, labor, and civil rights groups—will join together in marches and rallies. On this National Day of Dignity and Respect, we will call Congress to pass immigration reform this year with legalization that leads to citizenship. UUA President Rev. Peter Morales will be joining the events in Washington, DC, on Oct. 8th.

Click here to join an action in one of over 130 cities across the nation. Many UU State Networks are organizing for these events. 

National Gathering for #Not1More Deportation and Day of Action to Shut Down ICE

Join Arizona UUs and the #Not1More Deportation Campaign and migrant communities in Phoenix, Arizona from October 12–14th for a National Gathering for #Not1More Deportation and Day of Action to Shut Down ICE. On the weekend of Dia de la Raza and Indigenous People’s Day, the Campaign invites families, students, workers, faith-based and grassroots activists and organizations to come together to celebrate our resilience and escalate our urgent call for administrative action from President Obama to expand DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) to all undocumented people.

Honoring Indigenous Peoples Day

On October 14, you are invited to join UUs across the country as we honor Indigenous Peoples Day. This holiday changes a celebration of colonialism into an opportunity to reveal historical truths about the genocide and oppression of indigenous peoples in the Americas, to organize against current injustices, and to celebrate indigenous resistance. There are many ways to honor Indigenous Peoples Day, including learning more about repudiating the Doctrine of Discovery

Multicultural Ministries Sharing Project Survey Closes Soon!

The Multicultural Ministries Sharing Project survey closes October 31! This groundbreaking initiative seeks insight into the experiences of Unitarian Universalists 13 and older who are people of color, LGBTQ, people with disabilities, or otherwise marginalized around ability, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, and/or race/ethnicity. Take the survey or spread the word, and help shape our faith!

Janice Marie Johnson, UUA Multicultural Ministries and Leadership Director, offers her thoughts on the value of stories from the margins in her blog post "The Importance of Sharing Snippets of Our Life Journeys."

Share Your Story at GA: Workshop Proposals Due Nov. 1st

Do you have a story about how “love reaches out”? Submit a proposal for a General Assembly workshop! GA 2014 in Providence, RI will be themed "Love Reaches Out” and workshop proposals are due Friday, Nov. 1. Learn more and submit a workshop proposal!

Prophetic Generations: 50 Years of Choice and Justice

Celebrate the UUA’s historic, 50-year commitment to reproductive rights and justice! In 1963, a prophetic generation helped the UUA become the first religion to publically support a women’s right to choose and although our work on this issue has been strong over the past half-century, sometimes change is slow or worse, nonexistent. We can be another prophetic generation with our shift in focus to reproductive justice this year. Join the nationwide celebrations on November 17th by using the same hymn, children’s story, benediction, sermon guide, and simple coffee hour action—Find out more!

Also: Join the newly-launched Reproductive Justice Advocacy Community! Every month, during the first week of the month, there’s something happening. Check out the calendar of monthly regional conference calls and webinars to help keep your congregation’s advocacy connected and current!

Help Field Test New Curriculum the Wi$dom Path: Money, Spirit and Life

Congregations, district and cluster groups, and religious education conferences are invited to field test The Wi$dom Path: Money, Spirit and Life. This new curriculum will help participants understand their past, current, and potential attitudes and actions relating to money in the context of their UU values. Comprising of twelve 90-minute workshops to use singly or in any number of combinations, participants explore how they can make their attitudes and decisions about money a more effective force for living lives of meaning and value and for creating positive change. The field test will take place until Dec.15, 2014. Apply to be part of the field test!

Save the Date! 30 Days of Love 2014

Get ready for the third annual Thirty Days of Love: Jan. 18 – Feb. 16, 2014!

For the past two years, the Standing on the Side of Love campaign has committed to a period of intentional action, service, education, and reflection called the Thirty Days of Love. During this time, folks all across the country (and even the world!) have spread love and justice in truly inspiring ways.

In 2014, the third annual spiritual journey for social justice will run from January 18 through February 16 and focus on four weekly themes: Week One: Living the Dream, Week Two: Sharing Our Stories, Week Three: Building Bridges of Love, and Week Four: Pause, Reflect, Celebrate!

Start planning for the Thirty Days now!

See www.uua.org/justice for resources, organizing campaigns, stories, and more!

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