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May 2013: Happy May Day! UUs & Worker Justice:  May Social Justice Bulletin

Dear Friends:

UUA President Rev. Peter Morales, wrote in article 'Unemployment as a Spiritual Issue':

“We tend to treat changes in the economy as if they were like the weather—natural phenomena governed by forces beyond our control. Nothing could be further from the truth. We have chosen to live in a society with high unemployment and with income distribution that is becoming medieval. A tiny percentage of Americans owns most of the wealth. Meanwhile millions of willing and able people are without work. This did not just happen. We created this situation.”

In honor of May Day we want to give a shout out to Interfaith Worker Justice (IWJ) and to our many immigrant rights partners who are marching today!  We know that many of you are in partnership with IWJ local groups and/or are marching with migrant workers today! And companioning them in many other ways as well.

The UUA, UUSC and IWJ are all working together to bring faith communities together with labor to create a just community—a Beloved Community.

Finally, a federal minimum wage bill has been introduced, that is tied to the cost of living so that we don’t have to keep raising the wage through legislation, and after 22 years finally includes tipped workers.  So first, please sign IWJ’s Faith Leaders Letter to Congress to support the legislation.

Then join the movement for ethical eating that includes justice for restaurant workers.  UUSC is working with author Saru Jayaraman, author of Behind the Kitchen Door.  From getting educated to acting in a daily way as consumers that live out our faith values we can truly stand in solidarity and create better working conditions for so many of the people who put food on our tables. 

You can also view IWJ’s excellent Immigration Training online.

So Happy May Day and many blessings!

Please see our May Social Justice Bulletin (PDF, 2 pages) which includes information and resources on:

  • Mama's Day - May 12
  • Raising the Minimum Wage for Low-Wage Workers
  • Resources on Compassionate Immigration Reform
  • Summer Justice Opportunities for Youth
  • Ten Minute Documentary on Mass Incarceration
  • Petition: Support the voices of people with mental illness

In faith, Audra, Jennifer, Jessica, Meredith, Susan, and Taquiena - UUA Witness Ministries Team  

See www.uua.org/justice for resources, organizing campaigns, stories, and more!

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