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UU Women's Day of Action on Immigration

March 30, 2014

Join us in a 24-hour fast to demand immigration reform that treats women and families fairly!

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Did you know that women and children comprise 75% of all immigrants in the United States? Our current immigration system disproportionately harms women and families, and even though many politicians do not want to confront the legislation, we know our broken system has been tearing families apart for far too long.

Our coalition partners at We Belong Together, as well as other organizations, invite 5,000 women to join a major month-long women's action focused on fasting and action. Through fasting and a coordinated set of actions - first in communities across the country, and then together with UUA staff people in Washington, DC - women will hold the moral center in demanding immigration reform that treats women and families fairly. Immigration activists will be also travelling across the country by bus, from Phoenix to Raleigh to you, fasting along the way and raising awareness.

By registering below, please commit to fast for 24 hours on March 30. We can send you materials and support so you can invite your friends, family, and congregation members to join with you. Together we can form the spark to pass compassionate immigration reform for all immigrants and families. 

After you have registered, please send a selfie to telling us why you are fasting! Make your own sign or use one of these (1 & 2). We will be creating a selfie collage to bring together all of the UU women across the country dedicated to common sense immigration reform!

The registration deadline for this event has passed.

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