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Reproductive Justice Ministry with Men

 A Webinar

Monday, January 13

3:30 p.m. EST

View a recording of the webinar here.

Join us January 13 as we discuss reproductive justice ministry for and with men. You will have the opportunity to learn from male-identified issue experts from across the racial and sexual orientation spectrum as they delve into why men should be involved in reproductive justice work, how to be a good ally, masculinity, and how reproductive oppression affects men. 

Guest Speakers:

  • Michael Mitchell, Director of Communications at the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, has two and a half decades of experience working at the intersections of sexuality, religion, politics and culture.
  • Colin Adamo, Young Men's Initiative Coordinator at Advocates for Youth, has collaborated with renowned sexual health educators to develop programs for college students and adolescents.
  • Kashif Syed, Reproductive Justice Fellow at Advocates for Youth, has worked on a variety of legal projects, including trans-inclusive policies in higher education, sex discrimination in intercollegiate athletics, and sexual harrassment in schools.

Please note: This is the second webinar in a year-long series of monthly resources for UUs interested in reproductive justice. Find out more about our advocacy community.

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