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The Embodied Border: Reproductive Justice and Immigration Reform

A Webinar

Monday, November 4

3:30 p.m. EST

Women and families will continue to be marginalized by U.S. immigration systems unless Unitarian Universalists and others continue to advocate for gender- and health-equity in immigration reform.

On November 4 we discussed the intersections of reproductive justice and immigration reform.  You had the opportunity to learn from issue experts as they delve into the legislative process, current legislation, and ways in which your congregation can create advocacy initiatives based on the connections between women's issues and immigration. The conversation was hosted by Jessica Halperin, the UUA's reproductive justice advocate.

Sorry we missed you! Please click here to view a recording of this webinar (it begins at 8:00 minutes, and a free sign-in is required). 

Guest Speakers:

  • Natalie Camastra serves as a Policy Analyst at the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health.  Natalie's expertise lies in analyzing federal and state legislation surrounding reproductive health and justice for Latinas.
  • Lisa Moore serves as the Gender and Immigration Campaign Organizer at the National Domestic Workers Alliance.  Lisa is a key organizer with their We Belong Together campaign in partnership with the National Asian Pacific American Womens Forum.

Please note: This is the first webinar in a year-long series of monthly resources for UUs interested in reproducive justice. Find out more about our advocacy community.

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