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In 2014 we've seen the horrific botched executions of Michael Lee Wilson and Clayton Lockett in Oklahoma, Dennis McGuire in Ohio, and Joseph Wood in Arizona. States are trying increasingly desperate measures to cloak their executions in secrecy. A new study showed us that 1 in every 25 death row inmates could possibly be innocent. And we continue to waste valuable dollars that could be better spent on public safety or education.

The evidence is clear - the death penalty is a total failure and a violation of human rights.

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Number Date Name Location Why do you support ending ...
3288 5 days ago Anonymous AL Who are we to say that we get to choose who lives or dies? It is not our place as a society to choose to take another person's life. Two wrongs never make a right. Justice will never be served by m...
3287 7 days ago Anonymous Bega NSW Australia, ot How many times have people been put to death and later found that they could not have done it? Also the death penalty punishes innocent people! Regardless of the crime these people have people who l...
3286 1 week ago David Siliano Corpus Christi, TX as a victim I have been dragged through the court system. That's right, arrest the victim and let the criminal go free. Thank God the jury had the brains enough to understand the wrong person was be...
3285 1 week ago Christine Wendt MI The death penalty is purely revenge and serves no one except our worst nature. It is also irreversible, which, as we continue to discover, is often a profound and tragic error.
3284 1 week ago Zoe Hodges Plymouth, MN The death penalty is as bad of an action as a murder killing someone. Eliminating the death penalty would save money and lives.
3283 1 week ago Annabelle Gabriel ot
3282 1 week ago Louis Richard Matane, QC
3281 1 month ago Jacob Igbinadolor Yaba Lagos Nigeria., ot I support the ending of the death penalty because instead of death sentence to end lives, restitution can be effected which may inturn improve the lives of these inmates.
3280 4 months ago Linette Schreiber Ardmore, PA Because besides it being cruel and vengeful, it often targets the wrong people (those who later are found innocent)! On the other hand, we need to change our entire penal system to support l...
3279 4 months ago Samantha Spar NY There are several reasons to end the death penalty. Innocent people have been put to death. Executions have been botched. The death penalty has never been proven to deter crime. It costs taxpayers m...
3278 5 months ago Ornella Abollino Pinerolo, ot
3277 5 months ago Mark M Giese Email Address, WI The death penalty has never been shown to have a unique deterrent effect on crime and is brutalizing to all involved in its application; should the executed be later found innocent, as has happened,...
3276 5 months ago carmen ruiz zatagoza, ot
3275 5 months ago Sheila Pyatt OAKLAND, CA
3274 6 months ago Chad Johnson Long Beach, CA
3273 6 months ago Gary McCuen Salem, OR
3272 6 months ago Judith Pack Red Bank, NJ
3271 6 months ago sharon whalley Blackburn, ot I have always opposed the death penalty, believing it to have no place in a modern society. The only purpose that it appears to serve, where it remains in force, is that of retribution.
In a mo...
3270 6 months ago Elizabeth Nipper Poplar Bluff, MO Murdering the murderer does not bring back the dead. Two wrongs do not make a right.
3269 6 months ago Anne Wayman SAN DIEGO, CA It's a mark of our own insanity and cruelness.
3268 6 months ago Nancy Honeychuck Spring Valley, MN It has occasioned many tragic miscarriages of justice. it is ineffective in preventing more crime. The acceptance of such a practice makes us all part of backwards, more violent society.
3267 6 months ago Hazel Poolos Richfield, NC because it is cruel and inhumane
3266 6 months ago Uschi F. ot Death Penalty is wrong!
3265 6 months ago Charlotte MENS ÉRAGNY, ot Killing someone is wrong, no matter what he did.
3264 6 months ago Anonymous
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