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Oppose Gas Chamber Executions in California!

The California District Attorneys Association and Senator Joel Anderson of San Diego have introduced a bill to bring back executions by gas chamber. Yes, you read that right: after the SAFE California campaign nearly succeeded in replacing the death penalty, the district attorneys of California responded with a wild attempt to take us back to an even darker age.

Sign the petition to the California District Attorneys Association and Senator Joel Anderson to let them know that the people of the United States reject this desperate attempt to return California to the dark days of gas chamber executions. Let them know that SB 779 is shockingly misguided and out of step with the values of the people of the United States of America.

We are appalled that the California District Attorneys Association (CDAA) is sponsoring SB 779 by Senator Joel Anderson, a bill to bring back gas chamber executions to California. This misguided proposal is shockingly out of touch with the values of the people of the United States. Law enforcement in the United States should be focusing resources and energy on reducing crime, apprehending and holding offenders accountable, and making our communities safe. Legislation to bring back gas chamber executions is unconscionable. We urge the California District Attorney’s Associate to revoke sponsorship of SB 779 and invest its time and expertise on real criminal justice strategies proven to reduce crime.
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4087 Sat Sep 27 16:03:58 EDT 2014 Anonymous Kerman, CA
4086 Wed Aug 27 14:23:58 EDT 2014 Anonymous Stockton, CA
4085 Wed Jun 25 00:01:12 EDT 2014 Anonymous washington, DC
4084 Fri Jun 20 16:07:30 EDT 2014 Lama Milkweed Augustine Middleboro, MA
4083 Sat Sep 21 14:39:28 EDT 2013 Derek Vigil Currey Berkeley, CA
4082 Mon Sep 16 22:38:01 EDT 2013 Tiffany Lockridge Columbia , TN
4081 Tue Sep 10 10:38:58 EDT 2013 Dorothy Hill Chicago, IL Don't take us back to dark ages...
4080 Sun Sep 08 22:09:05 EDT 2013 cathy donovan eureka, CA
4079 Thu Aug 29 04:32:20 EDT 2013 suey sivula norrkoping, ot
4078 Mon Jul 22 19:37:55 EDT 2013 Michelle Legg Berkeley, CA
4077 Tue Jul 16 09:48:33 EDT 2013 David Lutz Claremont, CA
4076 Fri Jul 12 09:34:03 EDT 2013 Richard Shubert Lincoln, NE
4075 Thu Jul 11 22:19:28 EDT 2013 York Gorzolla San Jose, CA
4074 Thu Jul 11 20:24:42 EDT 2013 Helena Havelock West Vancouver, BC
4073 Thu Jul 11 19:38:25 EDT 2013 Jonathan Gingerich Los Angeles, CA
4072 Thu Jul 11 19:19:06 EDT 2013 Anne Ryder Long Beach, CA
4071 Thu Jul 11 19:07:31 EDT 2013 Katharine Gregory san Francisco, CA
4070 Thu Jul 11 19:04:58 EDT 2013 Caty Lynch San Francisco, CA
4069 Thu Jul 11 19:03:25 EDT 2013 Norene Charnofsky Ventura, CA
4068 Thu Jul 11 18:40:00 EDT 2013 christina daletska ot
4067 Thu Jul 11 18:05:37 EDT 2013 Sarah FENNELL Stone MountaIn, GA
4066 Thu Jul 11 17:31:09 EDT 2013 Randall Scherrer Los Angeles, CA BARBARIC! NOT a deterrent! And happens to innocent victims at times - cannot be undone, obviously. EXPENSIVE!
4065 Thu Jul 11 16:19:47 EDT 2013 Alice Coleman Los Angeles, CA
4064 Thu Jul 11 15:17:10 EDT 2013 Judith Anderson San Anselmo, CA
4063 Sun Jul 07 19:36:51 EDT 2013 Anonymous
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