Time to Renew Unemployment Insurance

3 Million jobless people and their families are still without Unemployment Insurance because Congress has failed to act.

Email your Rep and Senators – tell them they must extend Emergency Unemployment Compensation NOW.

The Senate passed a bill that would have extended unemployment insurance for the long-term unemployed through May. But, the House refused to bring the bill to a vote.  The House leadership has chosen to take action on tax breaks for corporations while rejecting help for the jobless.  That's wrong.  The House and Senate must both take action to restore Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC).  They should make it retroactive to make up the benefits lost since the program was allowed to expire in December. 

Please enter your zipcode at the bottom of this page to send emails to your Rep and Senators – they need to know you haven't forgotten about the jobless and hold Congress accountable for its failure to act.

And learn more about the long-term jobless at WitnessWednesdays.org

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