Email Congress: Fix Life-Changing Cuts, Not Just Inconveniences

Okay – no one likes to wait at an airport. But is that the biggest problem facing our nation?

We have been compiling
stories about real harm. Poor people with disabilities, one step away from homelessness, who were given a rental voucher only to have it snatched back because of federal sequestration cuts. Three to five year olds dropped from Head Start, or losing summer programs. Seniors only getting home-delivered meals every other Friday. Long-term unemployed with benefits cut 10 percent or more (nearly 18 percent in California).
Congress fixed NONE of that. They rearranged funding to reduce airport delays.
We’d call that shameful. Maybe you’d use a different word – go right ahead. Outrageous? Irresponsible? Disappointing? Change the text in the box any way you’d like – but please send an email to your Rep. and Senators. For speed’s sake, we have not tried to separate out the members who voted for or against the airport fix. EVERY Senator voted for it. The House voted for it 361 – 41. Here’s the
roll call - if your Rep. voted against it, we’d encourage you to thank them.
It’s not that we object to speeding up air travel. But what the country needs is a comprehensive fix that ends sequestration – fixing the cuts that leave people hungry, threaten homelessness and health care, shortchange children’s education and the unemployeds’ chance at jobs, just to name some of what is happening around the country.  Please tell your Rep. and Senators to get their priorities straight – end the mindless, harmful cuts; take responsible action to get the wealthy and corporations to pay more of their share, and reduce Pentagon waste. Click here to send the letter!